Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Two Ficathons

The 2009 femme_fic ficathon is now accepting sign-ups here.  (As a reminder, this event celebrates female characters, minimum 1K words, sign-ups throughout February.)  Voting determined that FK will be a wildcard fandom again this year, so participants will need to sign up for two of the voted-in fandoms in addition to FK (or, you know, some other fandom ~g~).  What's different this year is that the sign-ups are not screened, so you can look over what has been requested/offered, and perhaps even craft your entry to match.  This was a very good event last year.

And the Claire Rankin-character Drabble-a-thon (hereinafter the Fleur Mini-Ficathon) is now open here.  Submissions are accepted throughout February (no claiming, no limits).  Some new Fleur stories would be cool (but of course her Atlantis and Voyager characters are also eligible).  Thanks to everyone who submitted Fleur prompts!  For your convenience, I'm sharing them here: 

General Quotations Scenarios Relationships

  • roses

  • siblings

  • learning

  • vampires

  • the future

  • philosophy

  • innocence

  • love

  • freedom

  • alive

  • needed

  • "I think, therefore I am." -- Bacon

  • "She wrote to me after she knew she was dying, asking me to look after her son." (Nick to Lacroix, "Fallen Idol")

  • "Oh, the heavens. They're my new passion." (Fleur to Lacroix, "Be My Valentine")

  • "After all this time, I was certain you'd been killed in battle." (Mother to Nick, "Be My Valentine")

  • "The attraction seems mutual." (Janette to Nick, "Be My Valentine")

  • "...there have been so many from my family -- my father, Nicholas to the Crusades once, and now again." (Fleur to Lacroix, "Be My Valentine")

  • Fleur and her mother in Castle Brabant.

  • The last time Fleur and her mother see Nick before the flashback in "Be My Valentine."

  • Fleur's interest in astronomy grows.

  • Ghost!Fleur observes Nick in modern times.

  • Ghost!Fleur intervenes in a near-death-experience (or death).

  • Child!Fleur looks up to Nick.

  • Dream!Fleur chides Lacroix.

  • Mother!Fleur tells a story to Andre.

  • Lookalike!Fleur sends Nick into a cascade of memory.

  • Erica/Fleur: responsiveness

  • Fleur/Janette: looking up

  • Kate(SGA)/Fleur:
    whipped cream

  And thanks to falcon_horus, for having the idea, and hosting!
Tags: character:foreverknight:fleur, fanfic:process:prompts, ficathons&fests

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