Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

femme_fic 2009 Ficathon

femme_fic is holding a 2009 ficathon (exchange style, 1000+ words).  As you may remember, this multi-fandom fanfiction community focuses on female characters.  They are polling for which fandoms to include this round.  Please consider participating in the ficathon -- and of course in FK in particular!  We have many marvelous female characters, both recurring and guest, who merit starring roles and fresh angles. 

Natalie, Janette, Tracy, Cohen... Urs, Grace, Norma, Alma, Brianna, Fleur, Divia... Myra, Jenny, Sara, Amy, Cynthia... Erica, Emily, Marian, Mai, Alyssa, Sylvaine, Lisa, Tawny, Sofia, Alexandra, Alix, Catherine, Angel, Gwyneth, Serena, Amalia, Ellen/Monica/Jacqueline, Rebecca, Denise, Bernice, Bridgette, Francesca... Barbara, Jody...

Here's an abbreviated event timeline:
  • Sign Ups: Through February
  • Assignments Out: Early March
  • Stories Due: Early May

In the 2008 femme_fic event -- my first ficathon -- I wrote "Starwort" (FK) for a request by falcon_horus, and havocthecat wrote "Three Months Out, Six to Go" (BtVS) for a request by me.  This was great, but because FK was a wildcard fandom last year, there was relatively little of it to go around.  To increase the likelihood of FK stories for us all, please be sure to vote for FK now if you'll be willing to write it.  And request it when you sign up!

Tags: ficathons&fests

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