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10 January 2009 @ 09:41 am
oldschoolfic Holiday Ficathon released  
The oldschoolfic Holiday Ficathon released on the evening of 01/04.  There is one FK story!  "A Time for Families" by malinaldarose, a first-season Christmas with Natalie, Nick, Janette, lots of angst, and a happy ending (written for a prompt by amilyn).

I didn't receive an FK prompt this round, so I did my very best to fulfill an HL prompt: "So This is Home," first-season Christmas, starring Richie, Angie, Duncan and Tessa.  My ficathon match, dragonsinger, similarly picked the HL prompt out of the three submitted, and kindly gifted me with "One Good Christmas," starring Richie and Tessa.  (Yes, I love HL, and Duncan, Tessa and Darius are my favorite characters. Anyone here who couldn't have guessed that? ~g~)

As you know, oldschoolfic is a community for out-of-production series fanfiction.  Fandoms written this round were: BatB, BtVS, FK, Firefly, HL, Joan of Arcadia, K:tE, Nancy Drew, ST:TOS, VM, and West Wing.  Next time, more FK, right?  :-)