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2008 Fanfiction Round-up Meme

It doesn't look like much next to the breathtaking productivity of some fanfiction authors who have shared this meme, but my 2008 was unprecedently prolific.  This was also the year I discovered ficathons.  (I suspect a connection, oh yes.   How did Bill Watterson have Calvin and Hobbes put it?  "I work best under pressure." / "You work only under pressure.")

2008 is the last year for which tv_elf will appear in beta credits.  I miss her.  I am grateful to her and much_madness, batdina, leela_cat, wiliqueen, abby82, and a few people from the list, who generously gave their time and thought to make my stories worth reading -- and, in many cases, to midwife them into existence in the first place by asking questions and waiting out the answers.

And I am so grateful to everyone who read the stories -- especially those who told me they did. :-)

2008's List

Month Story Words Rating The One With Beta
Nov. "Milepost" 2,484 PG Tracy, Natalie and Pizza much_madness
Sept. "Fearful Symmetry" 9,991 PG Professor Girard and McCarthyism tv-elf, much_madness, batdina
July "A Delicate Balance" 9,987 PG Flashbacks to Natalie's Childhood tv-elf, much-madness, batdina, leela-cat, wiliqueen
May "Clearing the Air" 100 G Tracy, Natalie and Croissants abby82
Apr. "Starwort" 14,135 R Fleur, Lacroix and Falconry tv-elf, much_madness, batdina
Mar. "Pro Terra Sancta" 1,283 G Nick Mentioning the Crusades Mary C., Loreal, Walt
Feb. "Steamer Trunk Space" 1,489 PG Janette Packing wiliqueen

2008's Summary

Favorite: "Starwort," I think.  I still have a thing about Nick's sister.  Make of it what you will.  And the historical research rocked.
Best: "A Delicate Balance."  I hope it includes and balances all the ingredients of canonical FK circa the hiatus, as well as tweaking canon's direction just the littlest bit to make third season less likely.
Most fun: Hmmmm.  Yep, "Starwort."  Reading The Hound and the Hawk, referencing everything by Gies & Gies, perusing SCA sites and Wikipedia, chatting the story through with much-madness on the phone during lunch breaks, and creating adult!Fleur, whom I enjoy so much and have this whole parallel universe for in my head.
Sexiest: Well, "Starwort" is my only eligibility in this category, but you'd be disappointed, I'm sure.
Hardest: "Fearful Symmetry."  Curiously, this was for a prompt I submitted myself, and yet it was still almost overwhelming.  I over-researched, over-reached, and ran out of time in the ficathon.
Easiest: "Pro Terra Sancta."  On the walk to Good Friday mass, boom.  Talk about when you start hearing the characters' voices...
Most Popular: Thirteen people kindly told me they read "A Delicate Balance."  The runner up is "Starwort," with nine.

I contributed to the oldschoolfic 2008 holiday ficathon, but as that queue is not yet released, I'm counting that story as the first of 2009.  Also, it's not an FK story, curiously enough; I'm not quite sure what to do with it, and only hope it pleases its recipient.

Tags: fanfic:who:byme, fanfic:year-in-review, meme

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