Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Abby's FKFic-L War Memorial

[Cross-posted from forkni-l, where I first met Abby all those years ago.]

I'm on digest, so I don't know whether someone else has announced this here already.  tv_elf, dear friend and FK fan (Merc and FoD), died peacefully on Sunday afternoon.

My world is smaller and sadder without her in it now, but she first made it much bigger than it might otherwise have been.  I can't yet begin to say my fraction of all the good and funny and wise things that she deserves to have said of her.  Give me a couple days to stop typing through tears.

I want to run away to the virtual Toronto of the fkfic-l Wars -- circa War 7, the last time she and I both played -- show up at the loft with my duffle and sleeping bag, and wait for the rest of you to turn up on your own characters' doorsteps, because it is the only place I know we could all get together to hold a memorial for Abby and comfort each other on the scale merited.  I'm sure Janette could be persuaded to let us use the Raven -- I know some very persuasive Ravens and Ravenettes.  And Lacroix could be lured away from CERK so we could broadcast Abby's favorite Broadway musical soundtracks; if the Cousins wouldn't do it, the Mercs would charge reasonable fees to pull it off.

Her blog is here.  Some of her friends have suggested donations to the Muscular Dystrophy Association in her memory, if you're of a mind; she was a poster child for them many years ago.  If anyone is interested in writing FK fanfic in her memory, she always loved to see Schanke and Janette in scenes together, and she liked fluff -- not PWP, but happy, lighthearted, stuff.  Yes, even in FK.

By her theology and mine, she is fine now, dancing and singing.  It's only those of us left who hurt.  Nick would understand.

After-List-Post Addendum: There's a "memory post" for her in the Horsechicks community.

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