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The List Rules

Just for reference -- there have been no changes -- here are the current list rules.  As you know, I personally feel that the two main email lists are still the heart of Forever Knight fandom, and they still feel like my own fannish home, even though I don't visit nearly as much as I used to.  If we transplant the fandom's heart someday, I'll deal.  Until then, the fact that the lists still exist at all makes me happy.  (There were 273 recipients of my last fkfic-l post, the acknowledgement said.) 

The rules are numbered more-or-less in the order they accumulated.

Introduction (The Listowners)

If you need a hand or have any questions, please contact List Gardener Don F. (listgardener -at- phase-6 -dot- net) or  List Manager Lisa McD. (mclisa -at- mindspring -dot- com).  For tips on managing your subscriptions please visit Don's List Gardener page.

Rules for ForKni-L (The Discussion List)

  1. Flames
    No flames on list.  Flamers may be set NOPOST.  The NOPOST may be permanent.
  2. Quoting
    Please don't quote more than four lines of a previous post in replying.  If you have more than one point to answer, then you may quote the relevant four lines for that point also.
  3. Signatures
    Limit signature blocks to six lines.  Your sig starts with the first thing you write after the text.  It includes all the lines under that, even blank lines.
    Note: If you have one of those providers that insists on putting an ad after your signature, don't worry.  The ad doesn't count.
    Courtesy Advice: Please sign all posts at the end with your name and email address.  Not all mailers show the original poster of listmail in the headers.
  4. Replies
    Please don't send to the whole list when you are talking only to the person who wrote the post you are answering.
  5. Advertising
    Advertising on list is on a case-by-case basis.  Please consult the listowners for permission.
  6. On-Topic
    This list is for the discussion of Forever Knight and related  topics.  FK cast and behind-the-camera people are okay, except that we don't discuss private lives.  Announcements by authorized spokespersons about events in those lives are okay.  Please don't talk about projects which haven't been officially announced or written about in the media.  Discussion of non-FK vampires or vampires in general is not okay.  List members' fannish activities are okay, as are sharing personal  events in our lives.
    Note: Prayer requests must have PRAYER: (including the colon) as the first word on the subject line.  This is a filter-able topic (that is, you can opt out of receiving it as long as you are set "mail" rather than "digest").
  7. Off-Topic
    No off-topic posts are allowed without permission from a listowner.  This includes virus warnings.
  8. Role Playing
    No role-playing on ForKni-L.  This includes using character names as pseudonyms or posing as a character.
  9. Maximum Posts
    Each subscriber is limited to five posts per day on ForKni-L.

Archive: Discussion list digests are archived here.

Rules for FKFic-L (The Fiction List)

  1. Content
    FKFic-L is for Forever Knight fanfic only, and the occasional listowner-authorized informational post.  Notes to authors go to private mail; discussion and requests for parts go to ForKni-L.  (Fanfiction and fan poetry are both welcome.)
  2. References
    Fanfic must be specifically about Forever Knight.  There must be specific references.  If this is not possible, than an explanation should be given at the beginning.
  3. Crossovers
    Forever Knight may be crossed only with movies and television shows.  It cannot be crossed with other shows which are based on print-published media including comics.  (Books and comics based on the movies or TV shows do not normally cause crossing to be prohibited.)  Disney characters and movies are never acceptable for crossing.  Crossovers must state which with which show FK is being crossed.  Crossovers must have the subject header XOVER: at the beginning of the subject line.  It has to be spelled that way because the listserv doesn't recognize 'crossover," and it must have the colon.  This is a filter-able topic (that is, you can opt out of receiving it as long as you are set "mail" rather than "digest").
  4. Based On
    Posts based on fanfic previously posted to FKFic-L must have the written permission of the previous writer.
  5. Adult
    Sex scenes must have an adult topic header.  This means the subject line begins like this -- ADULT: and it must , repeat must , have the colon.  This is a filter-able topic (that is, you can opt out of receiving it as long as you are set "mail" rather than "digest").
  6. Real People
    No real person may be depicted by name without the express, written permission of the person.  Email counts as written permission.
  7. Numbering
    Story parts should be numbered in the header after the end of the title.  For example:  Terrific Title (01/03) or Super Story (1/?).
  8. Posting
    No more than three parts of a story may be posted in twenty-four hours.  Parts should not be more than 500 lines. Reposts must have Listowner permission.
  9. Signatures
    Please sign all parts at the end with your name and address.  Not all mailers show the original poster of listmail in the headers.  Names of FK characters may not be used to sign posts.  Other names are okay.
    Note: Signature block lengths are limited to six lines.
  10. By Proxy
    In general, posts must be written by subscribers.  If you want to post something by a non-subscriber, you need permission from the listowners.  (And of course the author!)
  11. Archiving
    To have your fiction archived, be sure to include a permission statement at the top of your story.  It is possible to have work archived in certain places only, but you must say so in the permission statement.  (The archive historically most closely associated with FKFic-L is the Former FTP Site.)
  12. Full Text
    FKFic-L posts must be the actual fanfic.  Posting just the URL for fanfic posted elsewhere is not acceptable.
    Note: FK fanfic which list members have previously posted on another list or site is fine.  This rule just means it has to be reposted to FKFic-L as text instead of a link.  You may give the link as well as posting the text.

Addendum November 2012: Unfortunately, I've had to lock this post against further comments, due to the quantity of spam it's attracting. If you would like to discuss it for real, please email me, or private-message me, or see the equivalent of this post on Dreamwidth. Sorry!
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