Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Upcoming FK-Eligible Ficathons

Sign-ups for the next oldschoolfic ficathon are due no later than this Sunday, October 26.  Assignments will be sent by the 28th, and the story queue will be released on New Year's Day.  See the rules and sign-ups post.  If you don't mind saying, has anyone signed up with an FK request?  I'm really wavering over whether to sign up.  The end of the calendar year is so very busy, both at work and personally.  If no one else were playing it for FK, I would let it go this time, I think.  (But if someone were playing FK, I wouldn't want to pass it up.)

Currently topping my hobby-time agenda for the weekend: replying to email, and then back to fussing about my last ficathon story, which didn't work out entirely, and so hasn't yet reached fkfic-l.  I would really like to post it to the list before the end of the month (or, at any rate, before November 4, US Election Day).  So I'll see whether I can do anything with it.

And then there's galpalficathon, the next ficathon for which FK is eligible, with no sign-ups, and stories due November 16.  I originally thought I would participate for sure, but with that last ficathon story still hanging, unposted to the list, I haven't touched it yet.  If I manage anything, it will be short.  I feel bad about that, because I posted many prompts.

Yuletide is beyond me, I think.  But you all should nominate and write FK there!  I'll read! :-)

Tags: fanfic:chat, ficathons&fests

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