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28 September 2008 @ 11:57 pm
I'm Back  
I've been away from here for a few weeks, pouring all my hobby time into my oldschoolfic ficathon entry.  (I finally finished the first draft at sunset on Saturday -- due Tuesday -- and hustled it off to my kind beta-readers, who have not yet hit me over the head for giving them no turn-around time whatsoever on a ~7,000-word Nick-vehicle.)  I have popped back through my F-List for the past two weeks, but if I missed anything significant, please do drop in here and point me the right direction.

Now that the story exists outside my brain, I can get back to other things that deserved better than to be put off.  I get to beta-read for a wonderful FK author!  I have a zine to ship to an FK reader.  I need to rustle up October's fanfiction recommendation.  I must read the FK nominees in the forsaken_fandom awards, so I can vote before the October 13 deadline.  I must decide whether I dare try the galpalficathon event, with its November 16 deadline.  And 101 other worthy FK projects...

This week was Banned Books Week in the US, an annual celebration of books people have historically tried to ban, and a defiance of those who would ever limit access to books.  Is Lacroix's arson of the archive in "1966" his most purely evil act actually shown on screen?  It's in the running, anyway.

Amy R.: Nick Againbrightknightie on September 30th, 2008 04:07 am (UTC)
>"I'll be looking forward to your Nick piece."

Thank you very much! And abby82 took an FK prompt, too, so we'll all have new FK to read.

For mine, I wish I had a month or so to rewrite -- instead of just Monday night -- after hearing the insights of my beta readers. But I don't want to default on the event. Perhaps I will overhaul it before I bring it home to fkfic-l... or perhaps I'll just feel less angsty tomorrow.

>"It probably makes me cringe more than almost anything he's done, and not just for poor Nick's sake. I'm, er, not sure what that says about my priorities!"

The Abarat -- never happy with any spelling on that one; Abbarratt? -- could have helped Nick, but he couldn't have used it up. Infinitely renewable, books. So the arson was an attack on Nick spilling over onto uncounted additional victims who never got to read all those books. Sounds like sound priorities to me! :-)