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galpalficathon FK Prompts

The prompts are not yet consolidated over at galpalficathon, but in case you're toying with the notion of playing in their no-pressure, no-claiming, barely-a-deadline celebration of female friendship, the Forever Knight prompts that I've spotted are: 

By wiliqueen (here)

  • Tracy and Urs / "Whoever said blondes have more fun needs to be shot."
  • Natalie and Tracy / 2 a.m. pizza
  • Natalie and Grace / "We should sell tickets."
  • Crossover with Blood Ties / Natalie Lambert and Rajani Mohadevan / second interview

By me (here, and here, and here)

  • Natalie and Janette / sudden road trip
  • Natalie and Janette / the bullet removed in "A Fate Worse Than Death"
  • Natalie and Janette / Natalie thanks Janette for taking care of her at the Raven during "A More Permanent Hell."
  • Natalie and Janette / Nick is out of town, and there's a vampire's victim on Natalie's table. The case must be solved, but Natalie can't let the detectives stumble into the Enforcers.

  • Natalie and Tracy / Natalie and Tracy both dislike Nick listening to CERK.
  • Natalie and Cohen / "A wrongdoer is often one who has left something undone, not always one who has done something." -- Marcus Aurelius, Meditations
  • Natalie and Grace / "They've cut my budget all to hell. I've got to lose two of the attendants from my shift, and they've all got families. Worst of it is, they've got nothing to go to." -- from "Cherry Blossoms"
  • Natalie and Grace / dating (people other than Nick)
  • Natalie and Urs / What if Urs asked to become Natalie's second patient in search of a cure?
  • Natalie and Fleur / "Time is a river without banks" -- anonymous saying
  • Natalie and Myra Schanke / Don Schanke's funeral
  • Natalie and Sara / What if Sara's memories of Richard's death resurface, including her memory of how Natalie witnessed that whammy?
  • Natalie and Sharon Luce ("Undue Process") / Cynthia Luce's baptism
  • Natalie and Alix Logan ("Amateur Night") / What if Alix got cast as a Medical Examiner in her next movie?
  • Natalie and Lisa Cooper ("Father Figure") / Janey Jinx
  • Natalie and Denise Ford ("Dying to Know You") / a scientific basis for Denise's psychic skill
  • Natalie and Marian Blackwing / What if Marian had lived and continued her relationship with Nick?

  • Janette and Tracy / What if, in college, Tracy worked at a store or restaurant or theater Janette liked?
  • Janette and Cohen / professional courtesy
  • Janette and Grace / book club
  • Janette and Urs / women's occupations during World War II
  • Janette and Fleur / Nick's introduction of Janette to his sister and mother as his "traveling companion" didn't exactly resolve her social status in their eyes, did it?
  • Janette and Sofia ("If Looks Could Kill") / Once in a very great while, even Janette needs a shoulder to cry on.
  • Janette and Francesca / before Nick
  • Janette and Anna ("A Fate Worse Thank Death") / fluent in both French and English
  • Janette and Alyce Hunter / Janette doesn't like uncontrolled converts in her town.
  • Janette and Erica ("Last Act") / costumes
  • Janette and Rebecca ("Dying for Fame") / unplugged
  • Janette and Serena ("Baby, Baby") / after "The Human Factor"

  • Tracy and Cohen / glass ceiling
  • Tracy and Urs / "Doubts are more cruel than the worst of truths." -- Moliere, The Misanthrope
  • Tracy and Jody Fraser ("Blind Faith") / sorority rush

  • Urs and Angel ("Black Buddha") / What if Urs started having all-too-real visions of Angel, Vachon's maker?
  • Fleur and Dowager Duchess deBrabant / awaiting Nick's return ("After all this time, I was certain you'd been killed in battle." -- from "Be My Valentine")
  • Jenny Schanke and Myra Schanke / backyard
  • Jenny Schanke and Lisa Cooper ("Father Figure") / There's something about Mr. Knight...
  • Alma and Brianna / Where do you go out after work, when you work at a vampire bar?
  • Madelyn Pinchot and Catherine Barrington ("Forward into the Past") / never losing touch
  • Bernice and Norma and Agnes / "Miss Calgary Stampede" -- from "If Looks Could Kill"

  • Crossover with Pushing Daisies / Natalie and Chuck / The Pie-Maker's touch can cure vampires, but what can Natalie do for Chuck?
  • Crossover with NCIS / Natalie and Abby / online acquaintance
  • Crossover with Bones / Natalie and Brennan / Brennan arrives in Toronto, asking Enforcer-attracting questions, because of a skeleton with mysterious dentition.
  • Crossover with Ghost Whisperer / Natalie and Melinda / Richard's ghost has unresolved business with his sister.
  • Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Janette and Faith / "Know your place" -- anonymous saying
  • Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Natalie and Willow / the fever for which Natalie discovered a cure, which might otherwise have wiped out vampires
  • Crossover with Highlander / Janette and Amanda / Like Amanda, Nick performed in the circus ("Last Act"). Surely Janette has been in the audience.
  • Crossover with Highlander / Janette and Rebecca / When Janette decided she wanted to know how to really use a sword...
  • Crossover with Young Blades / Janette and the Queen / discretion
  • Crossover with Young Blades / Janette and Jacqueline / revenge
  • Crossover with Moonlight / Natalie and Beth / Natalie was 28 when Nick first sat up on her table, and just shy of 30 when she encountered her second vampire. Beth was fresh out of college when Mick emerged from the shadows of her life, with his whole world hard on his heels.
  • Crossover with Blood Ties / Natalie and Rajani Mohadevan / Who would ever have thought there'd be such competition for the night shift?
  • Crossover with Blood Ties / Janette and Vicki / Janette needs a private investigator for a touchy issue she doesn't want Nick to know about.
  • Crossover with Stargate: Atlantis / Tracy and Cadman / promotion
  • Crossover with Life on Mars (UK) / Janette and Annie / buried on the back pages

I regret now not including a prompt for Natalie and Lora Haynes (the friend who suicides in "Last Knight"), but then again, I may have overdone it as it is.  The goal is to excite and intrigue someone into writing new FK, not to frighten them off by too many possibilities!

I've been spending almost all my hobby time lately researching my oldschoolfic Round II story, which of course means I have not yet begun writing it, and it will end up shorter than otherwise.  Poor Nick.  The first serious, substantive thing I promise to write from his perspective in five years -- the Doctor Who parody doesn't count -- and I twiddle away all my writing time boning up on the historical era.  Bad Knightie... Learning a lot, though!

Tags: fanfic:process:prompts, ficathons&fests

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