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06 September 2008 @ 01:02 pm
What You Guys Have Been Up To  
Recently, in FK on my Friends List:

FK on Individual Journals
  • On September 1, abby82 posted eight new FK icons (images, some artistic enhancement, no captions).  She also mentioned the fk_icons community, of which I hadn't known.

  • On August 26, both wiliqueen and abby82 posted about the Gemini Awards nominations, which include Catherine Disher's work on The Border and Ben Bass in Would Be Kings.  (I've heard a lot about The Border, but Would Be Kings is news to me.)  Beyond those biggies, wiliqueen spotted Nahanni Johnstone (Wendy in "Dying for Fame") among the nominees, and abby82 shared photos and links while opining on GWD's and NB's TV work in the eligible period.

Multi-Fandom (Including FK) Communities
  • On September 6, voting opened on the forsaken_fandom community for their awards (Rules, FK List, FK Ballot).  Some FK authors didn't approve their nominations; I hope they all got to hear about it and choose.  (It has crossed my mind to not vote, because I do not wish to read, nor endorse by a vote, the "non-con" category.  The rules allow underage voters to leave the "adult" categories blank; perhaps I will ask permission to do the same.  Anyway, it's on my mind.)

  • On August 30, butterflykiki linked to the whattheficathon community, which is a crossover fiction exchange that could include FK in its next round, if it holds one, but there seem to have been no FK crossovers so far.

  • On August 27, the oldschoolfic moderators introduced an optional modified challenge for those who didn't click with any of the original prompts.  Stories are due at the end of the month.  (abby82 and I are participating, so we're assured of some FK!)

  • On August 26, the galpalficathon community went up.  This is a prompt-based, commitment-free ficathon focused on female friendship (that is, any positive platonic relationship between female characters: relatives count).  Many people are very excited about it, and prompting is open through Monday, September 8, so check it out!  Leave a prompt for Natalie and Janette, Janette and Urs, Urs and Tracy, Tracy and Cohen, Cohen and Norma, Norma and Grace, Grace and Natalie, Natalie and Sara, Sara and Amy, Amy and Jenny, Jenny and Myra, Myra and Janette, Janette and Emily Weiss, Emily Weiss and Rebecca, Rebecca and the singer from Strings... Jody and Tracy, Natalie and Lora Haynes, Natalie and Cynthia Luce, Natalie and Sharon Luce, Alyssa and Janette, Fleur and Janette, Fleur and her mother, Fleur and Natalie, Marian Blackwing and Ilsa, Lisa Cooper and Jenny Schanke, Catherine Barrington and Ava Franklin, Alma and Brianna, Alyce and Janette, Alix Logan and Rebecca, Alix Logan and Natalie... Janette and Anna... Bernice and Norma and Agnes... Helen Ruskin-Slater and Janette... the girls in the stable... Serena and Louise... Madelyn Pinchot and Catherine Barrington...  I have not submitted any prompts yet, but I will (there are as yet no FK prompts there).