Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Community Reminders

Just a couple of quick community reminders:

  • The prompts in the second oldschoolfic ficathon are available for claiming until tomorrow, Sunday, August 24th, according to the moderator's most recent post.  You're committing to a mere 500 words by September 30, if you decide to play.  (Come, do!)  Two of the 15 FK prompts have been claimed so far (by me and abby82).

  • The forsaken_fandom awards project was put on temporary hold because of a tragedy in the moderators' family.  They're gearing back up now (FK nominees).

And now I'm off to the library for a book on McCarthyism, because the prompt I claimed references the "Spin Doctor" flashbacks.  Mmmmmmmmmm: research. ;-) 

Tags: awards, fanfic:process:prompts, ficathons&fests

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