Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FK Poem: "At Issue"

"At Issue" tied for FK fanfiction poem of the year for 2000, the last year for which those awards were held.  I am grateful to those who voted for it!  That kind recognition has meant a lot to me.

  •   Title: "At Issue"
  •   Length: ~290 words
Ten pentameter quatrains, rhymed
  •   Date: Posted to FKFic-L on July 15, 2000
  •   Summary: While interrogating the suspect in "Dead Issue," Nick identifies his struggle with hers.
  •   Characters:   Nick, Linda Fiori
  •   Quotation: "bound hand and heart to civilized evil"

Tags: character:foreverknight:lacroix, character:foreverknight:nick, character:foreverknight:stonetree, fanfic:fandom:foreverknight, fanfic:genre:poems, fanfic:who:byme, ship:foreverknight:lacroix/nick

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