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oldschoolfic Back-to-School Ficathon

oldschoolfic is holding a back-to-school ficathon.  All out-of-production fandoms that run a little quiet these days, including FK, are invited.  Now, this game is different from their last one: this time, the minimum length is 500 words (instead of 1000), the system is prompt/claim (instead of prompt/assignment), and there is a unifying theme of school (instead of no theme).
Their timeline is:  08/08-08/15 Submit prompts for others to write.  08/16-08/22 Claim a prompt to write yourself.  08/23-09/29 Claim another prompt if you've finished your previous one and want to do another.  09/30 All stories must be posted to the community.  10/07 Post your work elsewhere as well, if you like.

I'm a little concerned that between Worldcon this weekend and Vividcon next weekend, this may not be the ideal period to gear up high participation.  We'll see!  But it would be marvelous to have some new FK fiction.  I've submitted a few prompts (list below), but I'm sure you guys can think of much more provocative references, combinations and scenarios that will irresistibly seduce people into writing new FK! :-) Give it a try!

Some FK Prompts for the Oldschoolfic "Back-to-School" Ficathon

  • Jenny Schanke's school carnival
  • In "Spin Doctor," Nick says: "I had some remarkable students!" How did he say goodbye to them?
  • Tracy's sorority rush (cf. "Blind Faith")
  • Janette picks up or drops off Patrick McDonough at school. (cf. "The Human Factor")
  • In "I Will Repay," Natalie says: "Remember that time in college when Jim Armstrong wanted to beat the hell out of you because he caught you with Janice?" What was that all about?
  • The girl in the photo on Captain Amanda Cohen's desk
  • Lacroix says he "taught Nero the tune" and "taught Genghis Kahn the lessons of war." (cf. "Dark Knight, The Second Chapter")
  • Urs can pass for a college student; without make-up, maybe even a high-school student
  • The duck lamp (cf. "Partners of the Month")
  • In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as immigrants flowed into North America's cities and factories, community groups (ethnic, religious, political, etc.) often sponsored night classes for those adults.
  • teacher's pet
  • deBrabant Foundation Scholarship
  • "Women of noble estate were frequently more accomplished in Latin and other school learning than the men..." -- Barbara W. Tuchman, A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century, Chapter 3
  • school reunion surprise
  • Tracy graduated ninth in her class at the police academy. (cf. "My Boyfriend is a Vampire")

Tags: fanfic:chat, fanfic:process:prompts, ficathons&fests

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