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Forsaken Fandom Awards

[I will be cross-posting this to forkni-l.  I'm posting it here first this time, though.]

First, a word of caution.  I do not know the people running this project, and neither do the friends I asked.  The moderators of this community are strangers.

That said, there is a project called "The Forsaken Fandom Awards" (forsaken_fandom).  Their goal is to encourage fiction in fandoms that have few or no active awards projects of their own.  This includes us: FK fandom.  This is their second round; stories from the past three years [Correction 08/09: five years] are eligible.  In their previous round, few FK authors were nominated, none of whom post to fkfic-l these days, if I'm interpreting correctly (Fenris, Nancy W., and a Mel M. whom I think is not our Mel M.), though a special WIP award went to Lisa S., who posted part of a story to the list.

I learned of the project last week, when someone kindly nominated my "Starwort" from earlier this year.  A moderator emailed me, asking whether I would give permission for them to list the story and link to it on my site; without my asking, they promised not to post my email address and not to repost my story.  I spent the week hoping to find someone who knew them; I failed, but emailed back and gave permission anyway.

As this active awards project includes FK, we can certainly participate.  And it's downright silly for "Starwort" to be the lone FK nomination, which it apparently is at the moment.  Nancy K., Ell, PJ, Jarvinia, Elena, Kristen, and many others have posted excellent new FK fiction in the designated period!

Again, I'm not acquainted with the moderators, and that makes me anxious.  (I'm a Knightie; I angst.)  But encouraging more FK fanfiction is a worthy goal.  So here's their posted schedule:
  • Nominations: July 11, 2008 to August 15, 2008
  • Voting & Judging: August 16, 2008 to September 20, 2008
  • Winners Announced & Banners Posted: September 27, 2008

An overview with links to their rules is on their profile.  You do not have to have a LiveJournal account to participate in nominating or voting, but if you don't, they will verify your email address before counting your contribution.

That's all I know.  If someone else knows more, by all means...?

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