Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

The Reference Section

[Cross-posted from forkni-l.]

There have been a few posts lately asking for the names of middling-to-minor characters, like Amy Lambert from "I Will Repay" and Cynthia Lambert Luce from "Undue Process."  I thought I'd mention the FK Character Directory that I've been working on for a few years now.  It's alphabetical by first name, and includes every character ever named aloud, or in the credits after first season (if the credit can be confidently matched to a person on screen).  I believe it's easy to search, using a browser's "Find" function.  It's complete up to "Night in Question" so far.  I will finish it, but have not just yet for the typical reason that third season can be an emotional slog; still, I'm getting there.

In parallel to that list of people, I've been working on a list of the places and things unique to the FK universe.  It is also complete up to NiQ, so far, and it's my favorite.  These are tidbits that can really make a story pop.  I find them tremendously fun.

And of course there are the character FAQs that I originally made in '97.

They are all intended to be of use to people writing FK fanfiction.

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