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Addendum 07/26/08:  Apparently, is a problem on two fronts. First, aggressive inclusion of people's real-life information against their wishes, and second, it's a money-making scheme.  Susan posted to forkni-l to withdraw her support, and in her usual gracious manner of list-posting, included no details.  A nice initial summary here with follow-up here was recommended to me by a trusted friend.  Bad stuff.
--- End Addendum

Original Post:
Susan G. posted to forkni-l today.  That's an unusual event, worth noting!  And I'm way behind on digests, as usual, so it's coincidence that I saw it so quickly.  So what is she up to in FK?, it appears, with the FK Fanfiction Awards page, and perhaps thoughts of creating "something on the FKFic-L challenges."

I'm not familiar with this site, so it was probably as foolish as it was impulsive of me to go in and start adding links.  She invited, "Please feel free to go in and edit the wiki as need be - most of the stories on the award nom section need links," but I should have left it to others wiser in the ways of wikis in general and this site in particular.  I fervently hope I didn't fail to follow a format and mess up how it was supposed to be; if I did, please tell me how to put it right, and I will.  At any rate, the links I added are to story files on the authors' own sites -- except yours, wiliqueen, which is to the file to which you link from your own site; and Sarah B.'s, which she authorized me to archive for her years ago -- and I can perhaps link in most of the rest come the weekend if no one minds.  There are a handful that I know I absolutely cannot link -- lost stories, lost authors -- and I will be delighted if someone can show they are still available with their authors' permission.

I worry a little about some of the names in the list, as I always worry about such things when they pop up.  I edited mine, per my current custom.  All those years ago, most of us had no idea what the Net would become (there was no Google, no DSL, no IE!) and perhaps those same people today would rather go by other identifiers?  It's thorny. 

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