Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Old-School Fic Community

I have just joined the new oldschoolfic community, which is dedicated to out-of-production fandoms, including FK.  Sign-ups for their first ficathon close on 05/20/08, assignments by 05/25/08, defaults by 06/20/08, and posting by 07/06/08.  As the fairly generous writing timeline includes some holidays, I am very seriously considering playing, but I need to ask the moderator just a couple of questions first (the instructions say that the prompts are "pairings," so I'm not clear on whether gen is wanted).

The fandoms mentioned so far are listed, but there are no restrictions on out-of-production fandoms -- except that they may not include presently uber-dominant fandoms that need no help to keep going strong (like LotR and HP) -- so if you don't see it yet, ask for it, and see if you spark someone's memory.

But mostly just ask for and offer FK, right? ;-)

Inserted 05/18/08: Gen is welcome on the ficathon, and my questions are answered here.

Tags: fanfic:chat, ficathons&fests

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