Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FK Entries in Medie's Comment-Fic Fete

I posted two contributions to medie's week-long "Because We're Awesome"/"About the Girls" comment-fic fete today:

I spent all my spare moments this week chewing over the MBIAV drabble; by contrast, the Paris graphic came smoothly and quickly on Friday night.  I'm not sure whether I should send the drabble to fkfic-l, or compile a cycle of drabbles or something else to make it worth the list's time.

There are two hours yet to midnight Saturday (the end of the event) here in the Pacific time zone, and more yet in Alaska, and Hawaii, and west to the dateline.  So more FK contributions may appear.  At the moment, however, it seems that abby82's "Cutthroat Business" (for the prompt "Janette : Business") is the only other FK posting.

Tags: art:graphics, character:foreverknight:janette, character:foreverknight:natalie, character:foreverknight:tracy, fanfic:chat, fanfic:who:byyou, ficathons&fests, foreverknight:fkfic-l

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