Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Incarnations of Fleur

I've begun posting "Starwort" to fkfic-l, which means it's really, truly done.  The list is still Broadway. ;-)  This incarnation of Fleur has made me think about those versions of the character that I've written so far, and those I have yet to try.  Of course references to Nick's sister pop up in most of my fanfiction, but in these pieces, she's present in her own voice:

2008    "Starwort" Human Fleur
2001    "Grievances" Meta Fleur
1998    "Fireweed" Vampire Fleur
1998    "Whence the Truce" Ghost Fleur
1996    "Billets Doux" Epistolary Fleur

So what's next?  Not that my next story will necessarily feature Fleur, but I think I will not go seven years between again, either.  I have a small idea for a story with Ghost Fleur and Alyssa.  And I have ideas bursting out my ears for a parallel Vampire Fleur universe (not the same as in "Fireweed"), one of which I had the first glimpse in '96, but which never went anywhere past the first few chapters, because I thought of it as a novel I could never get all the way around (the murder mystery scenario is the hang-up).  I've recently come to think of it as a universe instead, and it has exploded like a seed pod.  I still need a solid cop-plot for the central present-day structure of the original story, though.

[04/20/08 6:04 PM: Edited to add links, by request.]

Tags: character:foreverknight:fleur, fanfic:chat, foreverknight:fkfic-l

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