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blood tears in FK? (fanfic v. canon)

Do Forever Knight's vampires ever cry blood tears? If so, in which episode and under what circumstances? (Obviously, their tears aren't always blood. We have on-screen saline tears and the usual appearance of their eyeballs.)

This is a worn-out old question, I know! But when [personal profile] dlyt asked me this week, I just couldn't remember for sure. Did blood tears migrate into FK fanfic purely from Ms. Rice's universe? Or is there canonical support that I just can't call to mind right now? I feel it on the edge of memory, for I surely used to know...?!

(I do remember discussing FK vampire physiology on the email lists. I especially remember that M. wanted to believe that FK vampires were completely unlike humans on the inside; his highly unusual theory was that they were sponges for blood, with no organs. My more ordinary stance is that their anatomy doesn't change on the inside any more than it does on the outside, and that how that anatomy may function would differ with a supernatural or a scientific explanation of the state.)

Among all FK's many, massive, dear inconsistencies, each fanwriter should choose what serves each story best! But is this one of FK's inconsistencies? Or a fandom blooper?


Addendum: Thanks to [personal profile] nicholas_lucien for the answer and [personal profile] greerwatson for a screenshot! In "Baby, Baby," Serena cries blood immediately after murdering the man on the tower by draining his blood.

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