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2016 Fanfiction Year-in-Review

I wrote only three stories in 2016, I'm afraid:

[community profile] myoldfandom 2016 Exchange: "The Wand of Siora the Wise"
beta by Skieswideopen; for DesertVixen
(Dungeons & Dragons (1983-85); ~9K words; G; Sheila, Eric, Hank, Bobby, Diana, Presto, etc.)

   This was my first writing in this lifelong-loved fandom. I tried so hard to fulfill the prompt and be episode-like that I may have overdone it. Yet I learned about the characters as you do only when you're writing them, and found much delight in them and their universe! I want to write them again, and read them more.

[community profile] fkficfest 2016 Exchange: "The Time Will Come"
beta by Batdina; for Merfilly
(Forever Knight; ~3K words; G; Janette, Alma, Aristotle, the Enforcers)

   Late summer and all fall are lost to me in a haze of overwork. I don't recall just how this concept found me, only that it felt important to stake FK's claim on an open future. I learned more about Canadian security than the story needed, not to mention Syrian brutality. But the story, I think, I hope, is finally full of hope and determination — first-season-style, today.

hlh_shortcuts 2016 Exchange: "Ships in the Night"
betas by Skieswideopen, Celli & Sholio; sounding-board-ing by ArgentumLS & Skieswideopen; for Idontlikegravy
(Highlander; ~1K words; G; Richie, Michelle, Angie)

   I almost didn't sign up for this fest. And then I almost dropped out. HLdom often seems to me as monolithic as FKdom is diverse; I worried and fussed. The kind people listed above helped me through. I do love HL dearly, for all that I'm lost in HLdom. I hope that I did right by it and by the other players, and maybe they won't mind me playing again someday.

Still-unfulfilled fanfic "gift certificates" (from years past)

  • For Celli: HL: Amanda's training with Rebecca (swords!)

  • For Lightbird: FK: Janette (Janette&Natalie if possible)

  • For Leela: FK: Janette&Urs (heart to heart)

  • For Skieswideopen: FK: Janette forced to interact with the mortal world

  • For Carabas: FK: St. Joan, a "For I Have Sinned" tag

  • For Ravenela: HL: Tessa behaving maternally toward Richie's girlfriend

  • For Wendymypooh: FK: Nick's secret is in danger of being revealed, and only Natalie and/or Schanke can save the day.

  • For Blueteak: FK: Nick and LaCroix pre-canon, and/or the first time Nick appreciates something LaCroix teaches him

  • For PJ1228: FK: Nick's secret being discovered

  • For Falcon_horus: FK: Fleur (preferably something with Nick and Fleur together)

Still-unwritten just-for-me, just-because stories, that I look forward to writing myself

  • FK: That Nick/Urs story, which picks up after NiQ and slowly but surely turns third-season around and achieves a new future, in which they're stronger together. Lacroix & Natalie play roles. Could be my first such adult content (or not).

  • FK: Amaranth. That vampire-Fleur-arrives-in-present-day-Toronto novel that I started in '96 (set in third season), restructured in '98 or so (re-set to the hiatus), and haven't touched since. Nick and Lacroix play roles. One hang-up has been retrofitting Tracy's plot points for Schanke... or ditching the detective mystery.

  • FK: That story about how Nick and Feliks met. Set after LYTD's flashbacks. Late Victorian, early Edwardian London. Nick, utterly devastated by Sylvaine's murder, gets hauled out of the proverbial gutter.

  • D&DC: That story ostensibly about the kids getting snowed in at a town and the girls getting new outfits, but really about Ramoud's daughter's doll, the stuff Ramoud said to Sheila in Diana's hearing, and the relationship between Sheila and Diana.

  • D&DC: That story about the morning after Sheila and Hank's wedding, when badly hungover Eric is willing to face the fact that he must now forever hold his peace, but is not at all willing to face that Diana knows.

  • D&DC: That story when grown-up paladin Eric in the Realm finds a way home for them all at last... but it's 2017 here in the real world, time has passed just as in the Realm, and they'd go back as adults. Too late? And then! Twist! Grown-up consultant Eric in the real world finds a way back to the Realm at last... and they all meet? switch places? Varla and Uni are only in the Realm, of course, and Terri only in the real world. Children to consider...

  • BSG78: No specific ideas. But I'm sure they will come when I finally watch these lovely, lovely, extra-footage blu-rays I bought. ♥

  • HL: That long story from Angie's POV that I didn't have time to write for HLH_Shortcuts, but would still kind of like to. There's a really good Joe&Richie scene in my head. And an Angie-saves-canon scene that almost resigns me to fifth season. Yay, Angie!

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