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A happy new year! ...and what's up with LJ/Russia

I wish you a very happy and healthy new year! And I wish all those in positions of leadership, inspiration, and power the wisdom, compassion and determination to help everyone to a better year and a better world. ♥

You've probably heard about LiveJournal moving to Russian servers (Morgandawn's post). If you're LJ-only, you may wish to look over the guide to DW for LJ users, especially how to import/back-up your LJ to DW.


I'll probably delete the content of my own LJ account. I'm wavering over then deleting the account itself. (I'm not in a tremendous rush; should I be? If you have substantiated information that I should consider, please do share.)

I've primarily used DW for... what, eight years? So, while things like unlinking from Abby's and Susan's accounts will be an emotional wrench, the practicalities should be smooth. All should be easier and tidier going forward, with no more cross-posting...

Unless I lose track of, for example, LJ-only wiliqueen. Can't let that happen! Eeeek.


Then there's fkficfest.

There's now a way to import LJ communities to DW (there wasn't in 2011 when we set up [community profile] fkficfest). So we can import the 2010 game from LJ to DW, plus those individual stories posted directly to LJ in 2011 and 2012, along with their comments. Importantly, the original posters/commenters keep complete control of their posts/comments on DW via OpenID. They can edit, delete, whatever they like, just as if the posts/comments had stayed on LJ.

(I don't know for certain how this will work. Best-case scenario: I can pick dates for importing. Worst-case scenario: it'll import all 7+ years of LJ posts/comments, and then I'll sort and delete duplicates.)

We could then delete the fkficfest account altogether, or delete the content and leave the account up with a sticky post redirecting to DW (as long as there's still an individual LJ account owner).

I think that deleting the whole account may well be the best choice. (Certainly, I won't pay to keep it ad-free anymore.) But of course while the final responsibility is mine, the content is many people's.

I really don't want to cut anyone off!

But I don't think I want to play on LJ anymore, either.

So: I'm thinking! :-) What are you thinking?

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