Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

"We Love Female Characters" Ficathon Concludes

I'm pleased to announce that when the femme_fic "We Love Female Characters" ficathon queue released late Friday night, the line-up boasted two FK stories!  (I admit that I was simultaneously grateful at that many and disappointed at that few, but I knew perfectly well that it was a wildcard in this game.  I can be angstily ambivalent -- I am, after all, a Knightie. ~g~)

The two FK contributions are:
  • "Starwort" by me.  Features Fleur, Lacroix and a small crew of supporting original characters, plus references to Nick, Janette and more.  Written to a prompt by falcon_horus.  Will go to fkfic-l and on my website later this month.
  • "Could They Choose Between" by havocthecat.  Features Janette, Natalie and Nick, with references to Grace and Schanke.  Written to a prompt by amilyn.  I hope Havoc will choose to share this one with fkfic-l in the future, too.
Of course there's a lot of very nice non-FK fanfiction, but this is my FK blog, so I'll leave that for you to discover (try the by-fandom index).

Tags: fanfic:chat, fanfic:who:byyou, ficathons&fests, recommendation

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