Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FK Recommendation April 2008

What's good?  With April Fools in mind, the FK recommendation-of-the-month project features McLisa's caper, "To Each Hiss Own" (1994), a response to the "Put down the snake and we'll talk" challenge.  One of the things I enjoy about this little lark is considering it in light of when it was written: the summer before second season, as the long hiatus following the original cancellation wound down to the happy close of renewal, when rumors about a new captain and precinct were blister-your-fingers hot.

What's new?  In March 2008, these new stories graced fkfic-l:It is good to see new fiction on the list!  Even when I'm behind in reading, I am so happy to see it post.

Tags: fanfic:who:byyou, foreverknight:fkfic-l, recommendation, recommendation:foreverknight, recommendation:foreverknight:project, trope:humor
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