Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Desktop Wallpapers

So the first thing I did after submitting my "We Love Female Characters" ficathon entry to the happy limbo of the moderated queue over at femme_fic was to switch out the image on my home desktop.  For two months, I've been looking at the characters who star in that particular story -- screenshots and manipulations at home, a symbol at work -- and it's time for a change!  I popped up a favorite from the tag of "Feeding the Beast" (image via NT's esteemed Knightwatchman), with Nick, Natalie and Schanke looking at his canvas -- Schanke pontificating, Nick credulous, and Natalie skeptical.

Didn't we use to have a term for the three of them together, an equivalent to the "Fang Gang" for the other character triad?  I can't seem to remember it.

Tags: art:graphics, character:foreverknight:natalie, character:foreverknight:nick, character:foreverknight:schanke, chat

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