Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

MyOldFandom has released

[community profile] myoldfandom has released! It shows 58 works in 69 fandoms (crossovers).

At 5 works, HL seems to have the highest count for any one fandom in the game (Blake's 7 and Farscape come second and third). There's 1 story each for D&DC and BtVS! And 3 assorted Trek tales. But no FK, YB, BSG78, or others of my own, personal, best-beloved canons. Maybe there are stories for your best-beloved canons, though!

(Stories are anonymous for now.)

I seem to have been directly gifted both a story and a wallpaper! Gracious! Both in HL! Off to enjoy and explore them now...

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Tags: fest:myoldfandom

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