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[community profile] myoldfandom was scheduled to reveal its stories yesterday, but hasn't yet. It looks like someone defaulted on the reveal day itself, even with a week between the due date and the reveal day... but perhaps the default was itself a pinch-hit. Things happen.

I feel on edge for the stories to release now, while I'm near my keyboard, rather than later, when I'm out and about and device-free. Ah, well. I suppose it could even be days until the reveal! And then we'll be in the middle of the work week...


If you're planning to sign up for [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest as an exchange game, please try to sign up this weekend!

We don't yet have enough players (9). This will be the last week of sign-ups (deadline June 25). There may well be people who would sign up if they knew for sure that we would play exchange style, but who are hanging back in hopes that the exchange will fail and we'll play challenge style. If those who want to play exchange style wait until the last minute to sign up, I worry that then the hanging-back people will get shut out, and we'll end up with fewer total players (and therefore more difficult matching) than we might have had, if everyone had known clearly what to expect.

The FKFicFest community voted for exchange style overall, and also among the subset who said they'd "definitely" play. But it looks to be so, so close. It would great to be able to post the final promo reminders with a firm declaration of exchange style.

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