Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Fandom Snowflake Challenge 2016 #9

#9. Set some goals for the new year.

As I said back in #1 of this meme, my fannish goal for this year is to engage more with y'all, to contribute to and enjoy the delights and trials of fandom. That's why I'm playing this meme! :-)

And of course if we play FKFicFest this year, then my goal for it is to help as many players as possible have as much fun as possible (without negatively affecting my job or health).

Outside any ficathons, I'd like to fulfill at least a good chunk of my outstanding fanfiction "gift certificates" by the end of the calendar year.
  • For Celli: HL: Amanda's training with Rebecca (swords!)
  • For Lightbird: FK: Janette (Janette&Natalie if possible)
  • For Leela: FK: Janette&Urs (heart to heart)
  • For Skieswideopen: FK: Janette forced to interact with the mortal world
  • For Carabas: FK: St. Joan, a "For I Have Sinned" tag
  • For Ravenela: HL: Tessa behaving maternally toward Richie's girlfriend
  • For Wendymypooh: FK: Nick's secret is in danger of being revealed, and only Natalie and/or Schanke can save the day.
  • For Blueteak: FK: Nick and LaCroix pre-canon, and/or the first time Nick appreciates something LaCroix teaches him
  • For PJ1228: FK: Nick's secret being discovered
  • For Falcon_horus: FK: Fleur (preferably something with Nick and Fleur together)
Did I forget any?

And — while I'm dreaming big — I'd really like to write at least one just-because, for-me-first, fanfiction-o'-my-heart. Either the Nick/Urs story that I've nattered about from time to time since last spring, or a certain story titled "Amaranth" that I began in 1997. Or something wholly new that will strike my imagination like a quickening.

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Tags: fanfic:process:prompts, meme, meme:snowflake

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