Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

new default userpic icon

My new default userpic icon is a variation on the banner graphic on my journals, a stylized blue-and-black-and-white Toronto skyline (circa 1992-1996), plus the moon that somehow seems always to hang full over FK. I've had this icon on my hard-drive since at least 2011, I see, in my giant file of miscellaneous attempts at crafting userpics.

Until just now, I'd used the same default userpic icon on DW, LJ and AO3 since at least 2007. That previous, long-familiar, blue-and-black image of a sun's corona around a mounted knight came from the logo graphic on my FK fansite, which I must admit to not having updated at all in several years now.

It's occurred to me that I might clean up and reformat my old FK fansite for today's browsers and uses, if only I can find the time (which is always the rub!). And with that came the realization that the site's aging pseudo-3D design would have to go, but that the banner graphic on my journals might yet lend itself to a fresh look, compatible with today's design standards.

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Tags: art:graphics, chat

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