Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FK in Fandom Stocking 2015/2016

Here are the Forever Knight-related goodies that I saw stuffed into Fandom Stockings this year:

In PJ1228's:In Skieswideopen's:In Blueteak's:In Lightbird's:In Wendymypooh's:In Falcon_horus's:In mine:
  • A highly thoughtful discussion of the series finales of FK and Quantum Leap by Lightbird, incredibly generously referencing an FK essay I wrote all the way back in '99!
  • A hope-filled Nick&Natalie screenshot ("The Fix") by PJ, plus a very kind intention to write a new story with my preferences (so often different from hers!) in mind.
  • A happy FK reminiscence by Twinsarein, which continued through a few chatty exchanges as Twinsarein hunted up FK DVDs and rewatched "Dark Knight" for the first time in a long time.
  • A lovely Nick/Janette New Year's card (first-season promo still) by FalconHorus, featuring my favorite Nick/Janette pose, here with a subtle suggestion that the Raven's lights are holiday lights, plus a sweet promise of a ficlet yet to come. Hmmm, of all FK's characters, whomever might this ficlet feature? ;-)
    Addendum January 24: "Girl With A Book by Johannes Vermeer (c. 1665)" by [ profile] falconhorus
Did I miss any?

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