Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Fandom Snowflake Challenge 2016 #4-5

#4. Create a fanwork.

I was originally going to count my 2015 HLH fest recommendations list as the fulfilling fanwork, but I would have made that list anyway. Perhaps that's not really fulfilling the challenge properly, not letting it do all it can?

That itched away at me for a bit, so instead I made this brand-new, off-the-cuff, Doctor Who drabble (exactly 100 words) tonight.
River wasn't alone on her two-hundredth birthday. She squeezed a party into her parents' last temporal gap; after, she held their hands until she had to either leave or meet herself coming. River had been at each of their deaths long before; even those had been easier than the time-lock clicking behind her. The next day, she woke more alone than she'd been since she'd made herself known in the language of the forest... and in Gallifreyan. When River opened her diary to note her final Manhattan visit, she measured, for the first time, the blank pages against the full.

#5. Leave feedback on a fanwork.

I considered claiming this fulfilled because I commented (either on LJ or AO3) on every story that I read-to-the-end in the 2015 HLH fest, which for me overlapped this challenge, but, again, I would have done that anyway.

So I opened an OUaT story that I'd bookmarked a while back on the AO3, where I'd left a kudo but no comment. I've now remedied the lack of comment. This particular author doesn't reply to her comments, so perhaps she doesn't care, and perhaps I should have picked another, but I have reread that clever, grim story more than once since I first saw it in a RareWomen (now RarelyWritten) fest.

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