Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

2015 Fanfiction Year-in-Review

Fandom Stocking 2014/2015 (treat fest)

RarelyWritten (née RareWomen) 2015 (exchange ficathon)

"Between within and without"
for Damask_and_Dark, beta by Batdina
(Daniel Deronda — George Eliot, ~7K words, G; Gwendolyn, Catherine, Herr Klesmer, Mrs. Arrowpoint)

FKFicFest 2015 (exchange ficathon)

"Wake the Morning After"
for MelissaTreglia, beta by LastScorpion
(Forever Knight, ~15K words, PG; Natalie, Nick, Schanke, Urs, Lacroix)

Still-unfulfilled fanfic "gift certificates" (from years past)

  • For Carabas, Forever Knight, a "For I Have Sinned" tag with St. Joan content
  • For Ravenela, Highlander, Tessa behaving maternally toward Richie's girlfriend
  • For Leela, Forever Knight, Janette&Urs or Janette/Urs
  • For Celli, Once Upon a Time, how Henry first figured out that something was wrong

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