Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Have you played the Galentine's Day exchange?

Have you played in the [community profile] galentinesday exchange ficathon previously? If so, what was your experience? Did everything run smoothly? Were there lots of gen stories and f/f stories alike, all ratings, or did the game tilt heavily in any single direction?

I'm toying a little with the idea of playing, but as it's a small exchange, and all my fandoms are small fandoms, I'm concerned that it might be even harder to generate matches than in RarelyWritten. (Apparently nice thing about Galentine's Day as opposed to RarelyWritten: Galentine's Day excludes AIs, ships, etc. Just using the feminine pronoun doesn't qualify a consciousness as a woman for this exchange.)

Only toying with the idea... I don't have much time outside work these days, anyway, and if I got some, I'd probably want to spend it on FandomStocking... or any game that might be mustered natively in one of my fandoms...?

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Tags: fest:galentinesday, ficathons&fests

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