Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

What songs remind you of Urs?

Do any particular songs put you strongly in mind of FK's Urs? Which? Link me! (I can listen on Google Play Music and Amazon Prime Music, as well as YouTube and the wilds of the 'Net.)

For comparison, I've mentioned before that "Rebel Son" by Survivor is a Nick anthem to me, and "You Love the Thunder" by Jackson Browne sings Janette to me.

Urs is a rare and challenging character. We — fandom in general — usually prefer our heroines bright, witty and strong... everything with which Urs isn't initially endowed. I've found some sister characters for her in George Eliot's novels, but, really, very few patterns for depicting someone like Urs as she begins, and then helping her grow into herself (not into someone more conventional).

So, I've been thinking... playlist to ponder?

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