Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

HLH_Shortcuts 2015 sign-ups through Thursday 10/15

The Highlander community hlh_shortcuts is open for its annual 2015 fanfiction exchange game!
  • Sign-ups: 10/08/15 to 10/15/15
  • Assignments sent: By 10/18/15
  • Stories due: 12/15/15
  • Reveals: Starting 12/20/15
I look forward to reading the stories!

I won't be playing, myself, for the usual reasons:
  1. This game doesn't let players post (control) the stories. Instead, you email stories to the mod in a DOC and she posts them in LJ. It works, and some people love it! But it doesn't happen to hugely appeal to me, personally.
  2. I couldn't possibly satisfy an exchange recipient when 99.9% of the players have different interests, interpretations and assumptions about the series than I do (e.g. I endlessly rewatch the first two seasons; they endlessly rewatch the last two). I would inevitably end up accidentally offending, or at best disappointing, my recipient, and I cringe away from that disaster.

(However, if someone perhaps wants to share a private HL challenge of some sort...?)

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