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FK on Amazon Unbox; also Labeling the DVDs

Did you know that all twenty-two first-season FK episodes are now available, individually, for download on Amazon unbox?  I found out this week, when I sent a season as a gift.  This should be very convenient for anyone who misplaces a DVD, or who wants to carry an episode handily on a player of some sort.

Speaking of of the FK DVDs, I've been thinking again of taking a thin-tip Sharpie and writing the episode titles on each disk.  Highlander, among many other series, managed to come out with the episode titles printed; I can't imagine why FK didn't -- though of course I'm still deliriously grateful for the DVDs, after so long supposing they'd never come.  (The first season DVDs didn't arrive until October 2003, you know, more than seven years after cancellation.)

I can puzzle through the numbered (not titled) DVDs from memory for most of first and third seasons, even now, as the order on the disks is the order in which the episodes aired, and with which we lived for all the years without professional recordings.  But oh! Second season!  For example, I know the production number for "Crazy Love" is "13" but, to me, it's the finale of season two, not something in the middle.  Season two originally aired in nothing like the production order we see on the DVDs, and this makes an interpretational difference I'm still trying to wrap my mind around.  A Raven friend once said that she didn't care whether season two ends on "Crazy Love" (aired order) or "Blood Money" (production order), because both end with Nick in Janette's arms.  However, I think it does matter.  In my imagination, it's still "Crazy Love" that moves Janette to leave, not "Blood Money."  I see the arguments for "Blood Money," as the milder of the two, better supporting the eventual explanation in "The Human Factor" flashbacks.  But Nick's failing to visit the Raven for months (cf. "Black Buddha, Part 1") has always seemed to me supported by the rawness and guilt of "Crazy Love."  I've been meaning to write a story about that for ages...

Ah, well.  The immortal DVDs trump mortal aired order, and here we are.  In need of episode titles handwritten across the DVD labels.

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