Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Sneak preview as I tally and nudge

For those interested, FKFicFest's bonus grace period has expired and it's time for the gentle poking of those who haven't yet uploaded their FKFicFest stories. We've got 10 in the queue, and the other 3 players have all been in touch. We'll see what happens; we'll see what can work!

The 10 stories uploaded so far span quite a range of lengths (1.1K to 18.6K words), and are about evenly divided between "General audiences" and "Teen and up" ratings. To my great surprise, there are only 2 avowed pairing stories; the rest register as gen. (When I made the matches last spring, I'd supposed that this would be a big year for pairing stories!) Nick, Natalie and Lacroix appear in most of the stories, Janette in a lot, Schanke in some, and the specifically-third-season characters in 2. Oh, and we have 2 crossovers!

Addendum, 3:43 PM Pacific Time: Two of the three outstanding stories are having technical difficulties, but should still make it in smoothly. One is a little more complicated. We may or may not need a pinch-hitter. I don't yet know.

Addendum, 10:06 PM Pacific Time: All sorted! No pinch-hitters required!

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