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22 May 2015 @ 12:09 am
Are you ready to sign up?  
On Monday, which is the Memorial Day holiday in the US, I'll post the rules and open sign-ups for this year's [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest! (As discussed, with 9 or more players, we'll play exchange-style; with 8 or fewer, challenge-style.)

:-) Are you ready to sign-up? Do you have prompt requests in mind? Are you recruiting friends to play? :-)

Let's all rewatch at least one FK episode this weekend for inspiration, and post about it to spread the word! Which episode will you pick? I'm considering going for three, personally, one for each day of the US holiday weekend, one from each season... maybe "Dying for Fame," "The Fix" and "Night in Question?" Or perhaps "If Looks Could Kill," "Baby, Baby" and "Hearts of Darkness?"

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