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01 March 2008 @ 09:29 am
FK Fanfic: "Nice to Remember"  

I wrote this story as a gift for tv_elf, who once wished for fanfiction featuring Schanke and Janette (as in scenes from "For I Have Sinned," "Hunters," "Partners of the Month" and "Close Call").  I don't know that I achieved the rhythm of the great canonical banter she had in mind, but I did my best.  The characters attend The Fantasticks because tv_elf likes musicals, and wiliqueen suggested that this was the musical of the Schankes' generation.

The narrative perspective is Myra's, and Bernice Applebaum from "If Looks Could Kill" makes an appearance (plus references to Norma Dean, Bernice's friend who died in the ILCK teaser).

  •  Title: "Nice to Remember"
  •   Length: ~4,850 words
  •   Date: Posted to FKFic-L November 22, 2006
  •   Rating: PG
  •   Summary: Myra and Don Schanke's anniversary celebration proves more exciting than planned.
  •   Setting: Between first and second season
  •   Characters:   Schanke, Myra, Janette, Others
  •   Quotation: "You two had a date tonight?  I had no idea.  It's our anniversary, and he volunteered.  Oh, man.  Nick didn't stand you up, did he?  I mean, not that anyone would stand you up!"