November 24th, 2016

Nick Amused

an old joke about the appeal of canon

Years ago, to shorthand my fannish interpretations and preferences, I used to say: "I'm a canon-based lifeform." ;-)

Many people love total AUs and flat-out "canon? what canon?" denial, and that's great! I'm different. When I care enough about a story world to engage fannishly, I can't usually, happily, simultaneously disengage from it that way. Conscious divergences from canon ("What if?"s) are all joy and delight; and hidebound fidelity that cannot forge anew is pointless, of course; yet there must be awareness of the raw material, tribute to the superstructure.

I'm a foil fencer (not epee, not saber). If you know modern sport fencing, that sums up my fannish tendencies even more pithily: I freely choose and celebrate the weapon — ~cough~ I mean, "sporting equipment" ~cough~ — with all the intricate, infuriating, beautiful rules meant to make you behave in the ways that would be wise if it were sharp, which it's absolutely not and shouldn't be. :-)

A happy US Thanksgiving to those celebrating today! Good luck to those working on fannish events like HLH_Shortcuts, NaNoWriMo, and Yuletide! Best wishes to those hunting Ditto in Pokémon Go! Comfort and strength to all people of good will. ♥

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