July 5th, 2016


the latest AO3 meme: counts/percentages

I presently have 99 works on the AO3. Amusingly, so near 100, that makes the counts simply round into their percentages.

What are your 2 most most common audience ratings?

  • Teen and up (57)
  • General (38)

How many works have you created in each relationship category?

  • gen (75)
  • m/f (27)
  • f/f (2)
What are your top 4 fandoms by number of works?
  • Forever Knight (76)
  • Highlander: The Series (9)
  • Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling (3)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer (3)
What are your top 5 most-used additional tags?
  • Historical (22)
  • Post-series (18)
  • Grief/mourning (12)
  • Flashbacks (11)
  • Winter (10)
What are your top 4 characters by number of tags?
  • Nick Knight (48)
  • Natalie Lambert (39)
  • Janette duCharme (37)
  • Lucien Lacroix (36)
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Trio Vachon's Crew

Looking for 3rd-season DVDs?

Right now, Amazon Marketplace has 7 (used) copies of FK's third-season DVDs for sale for under $50 (US). The usual going rate has been ~$80 for a few years now.

If you're seeking third season, you may want to snap up a copy while they last.

(As you know, FK's third season isn't available for streaming anymore. Those of us who bought the season from Amazon before it went off-catalogue can still stream it from them, so it's still there on their servers, but... someone has chosen not to sell it.)

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