June 16th, 2016

Nick Amused

FKFicFest status update

2016 [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest sign-ups are open until Saturday, June 25. That's a little over a week from now. If you plan to sign up, please don't put it off! I would so much like to know whether we're looking at an exchange game or a challenge game!

  • We have 4 sign-ups in.
  • 6 total people have told me that they plan to play with us.
  • 9 players are needed for exchange-style play.
I've posted promos to:If you know of more DW or LJ communities that would welcome a FKFicFest promo, please let me know. If you have your own fannish circle anywhere, please think about sharing a promo with them yourself!

Here's some HTML for using the ficathon's promo image, if you like:

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