March 23rd, 2016


MyOldFandom sign-ups extended

The mod for [community profile] myoldfandom has extended sign-ups until noon on Monday, March 28 (because Easter Triduum observances might interfere with sign-ups for some).

At this time, I see few requests that I could fill, myself: a D&DC request for a no name, no lines, spear-bearer character (sadly, no other options); an HL request that seems to have listed Duncan/Tessa by mistake (the details specify that the requester wants only slash or gen); HL's Richie or Cierdwyn for ArgentumLS (I don't dare offer Duncan or Darius; the requests show that people want what I can't give); and maybe, if I stretch hard, the Tron (1982) request.

I'm still considering playing. But I'm a bit concerned.

I'm starting to think that I should instead see whether people might be up for some sort of mini events. For example, "If Malinaldarose will write me BSG78, I'll write her... something she wants." ;-) Okay, so that's where it always breaks down, at every scale, finding people who can write what the others want to read. I should probably follow PJ's lead...

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