March 20th, 2016

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Anyone playing MyOldFandom?

Who all is signing up for [community profile] myoldfandom? We have through this Thursday, I believe.

Because there's been not a peep on the [community profile] rarelywritten front so far this year, and because of how the calendars at my workplace are leading me to plan the [community profile] fkficfest schedule, I've been toying with the idea of playing [community profile] myoldfandom. I would probably be able to produce only something under 5K words, nothing major, no matter how much I'd like to produce more, because of work, but... the odds are indeed tempting. All my dearest fandoms are so very, very qualified. ;-)

(I'm still sick, btw. This week's FK recap is looking pretty thin.)

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Nick Amused

Rewatch: S1E07 "False Witness" (August 4, 1992) by Naomi Janzen

"False Witness" (S1E07) (FW) is challenging, uncomfortable at many points, and dearly loved by FK fandom for tidbits ranging from Myra as Skin Pretty saleswoman to Natalie as vintage film aficionado. The episode notoriously differs in every cut. And, airing over a month after its predecessor, it marked the end of the first little hiatus in what would become a series lifetime studded by noteworthy breaks.

Recap: This is the episode in which Nick arrives on the scene of a murder seconds after the fatal shot. The suspect is a notorious trafficker in underage girls whom the police have been trying to bring down for years. Nick lies that he saw the villain pull the trigger. Remembering a trial that convicted an innocent musician of a murder Janette committed, Nick, on the stand, at length tells the truth, and the villain walks free — until Nick solves the case properly, gets a warrant, and brings in both suspects. Further, this is the episode in which Janette learns what happened to Lacroix, and we get the famous King Kong and popcorn scene.

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What do you think?

Next week: S1E08 "Cherry Blossoms" (CB)

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