March 7th, 2016

Nick Again

Rewatch: S1E05 "Dance by the Light of the Moon" (May 26, 1992) by Roy Sallows

The least and last of first-season Forever Knight far exceeds the best and brightest of many another television series! That's good for "Dance by the Light of the Moon" (S1E05) (DBLM), which, in my personal opinion, is one of first season's few serious misfires. DBLM has many strong ingredients, but, as I see it, they never quite all click.

Recap: This is the episode in which former corporate lawyer, current stripper, Ann Foley, finds "fascination" (her word) and "thrills" (Nick's word) in seducing men previously renowned for their probity into committing crimes, and then murders the survivors. Before seeing Ann, but after learning of two "good men" gone very bad, Nick begins a flashback journey through his last hours of mortality, progressing from a banquet with his comrades, to Janette's arms, to Janette introducing him to Lacroix. Along the way, Schanke and Natalie become concerned that Nick has fallen for Ann's wiles and lost sight of the case; luckily for everyone, he hasn't. Ann jumps to her death to avoid arrest.

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Next week: S1E06 "Dying to Know You" (DtKY)

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