January 30th, 2016

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Can you subscribe to a fandom on the AO3?

On the AO3, you can easily subscribe to an author, to receive notifications whenever that person posts a new story. You can also subscribe to a series or a work, to receive notifications for new installments.

Can you subscribe to a fandom, to receive notifications whenever a new work is posted in that fandom? Of course that wouldn't be practical for the large, busy fandoms, but it could be outstanding for small, sleepy fandoms, especially ones that see only a few stories a year.

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Fandom Snowflake Challenge 2016 #6

#6. Issue a challenge.

This #6 stymied me for a while. I've given it much thought. Really, [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest is in and of itself all the challenge I can handle issuing each year! (The annual pre-game planning poll will come in February.) But I do want to fulfill the spirit of the Snowflake event.

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In the end, I decided to launch an Out-of-production Rewatch Project, and to challenge you to join me! Once a week, I'll re-watch one episode from an out-of-production TV fandom and post a few thoughts about it. I'll go in order through a season, so that you can easily join in the re-watching if you like! (I won't necessarily go through a whole series, though; I'll probably switch series between seasons. So many beloved out-of-production fandoms!)

You can play along by re-watching, and/or commenting on my posts, and/or posting yourself! You can join in my re-watch choices, or you can choose an entirely difference season or series.

I'll start with first-season Forever Knight, my favorite! And because it came up in conversation recently, I'll back up all the way into the original pilot Nick Knight for kick-off. I'll plan to watch and post this weekend; I'll promise no later than next Friday night.

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Remote Control

Rewatch: "Nick Knight" (1989)

So as we all know, what would become our beloved Forever Knight (1992-1996) actually first appeared as the TV movie Nick Knight (1989). It starred Rick Springfield (Nick), John Kapelos (Schanke), Robert Harper (Jack (Natalie)), Michael Nader (Lacroix), Laura Johnson (Alyce), Cec Verrell (Janette), and Richard Fancy (Brunetti (Stonetree)).

I think that I last watched it for its 20th anniversary in 2009, which would mean I'd never before seen it on as large a TV as I did tonight. :-)

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What do you think? :-)

Next week: FK S1E01 "Dark Knight"

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