August 25th, 2015


Dating in FKFicFest

Last year, we had a strong suggestion that, for best exposure of FKFicFest, we should consider each updating the dates on our own stories from their upload-to-the-queue dates (necessarily in the past) to their actual release dates, as soon as they go live.

I've just tested this on the story that I wrote for this year's game, and it seems to work. I recommend this to anyone concerned about the effects of a story sitting in the queue for a long time before release! And perhaps keeping the release dates current might help bring a few readers generally browsing the archive during the fest over to follow the fest in specific? That's the idea!

(BTW, the story I wrote this year is long. I don't expect anyone to read it all in one day. Save it for the weekend or something? We just have a number of long stories this year, and spacing them out meant that one should release today. ~shrug~)

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