May 23rd, 2015


FKFicFest community banner/title

I worked a bit with the CSS for the [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest community header banner/title displays this morning. Whether you'd notice improvements depends on your browser, monitor and font library... but if you happen to notice that I've damaged something, please let me know! :-)

BTW, everyone here knows about the "immajer-FK" Forever Knight title font that JMR created back in the day, right? If you don't have it, want it, and can't download it (or don't trust strange downloads), I'd be happy to email you the file that I use myself.

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Nick Amused

RadioLab's "Blood" episode

Speaking of inspiration for new FK stories to wish and write for this year's [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest, the quirky (and excellent) public radio program RadioLab coincidentally reran its classic "Blood" episode this weekend! This episode actually has many segments, but the website specifically calls out three:
  • "Bloody Real Blood" (about Hollywood special effects for blood)
  • "If You Prick Us" (what certain Renaissance men thought about blood)
  • "Clear Eyes, Full Veins, Can't Lose" (the economics and logistics of today's blood banks)
This episode is full of interesting little details that cry out to be explored through FK's characters! And their website supplies links to the works cited in the interviews plus "bonus tracks" of an interactive timeline of public attitudes about giving blood and two blood-themed songs performed by a band called "Lucius" (seriously!).

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