May 10th, 2015


More on the RarelyWritten stories

I did get to read a number of [community profile] rarelywritten stories last weekend, and I wanted to bring you a few thoughts about what you might find in each, if you choose to read it.

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Comments and kudos seem a bit thin on the ground in this year's game. I've wondered whether that might be due to the transition from "RareWomen" to "RarelyWritten"; or perhaps to releasing the stories on the same weekend as the Age of Ultron premiere, that big boxing match and the Kentucky Derby; or perhaps the very same lamentable neglect of certain characters that the ficathon was conceived to battle. I've also wondered about the readership effects of prioritizing the rarest requests for matching, instead of the most common.

Curiously, last night, the [community profile] rarelywritten moderator announced a new rule for next year's game. Players must comment on the stories written for their requests or be banned from future games. That's always been an implicit rule in every exchange ficathon, surely (with allowances for those sad situations when a story openly disrespects the request it's supposed to fill). It's extra sad that this ficathon has come to needing to enshrine this rule.

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