March 6th, 2015


Just sayin'

I believe that there are infinite, incredible, Forever Knight stories yet to tell, that we can still be inspired and irritated into grand new tales, just as we were during the first hiatus when we didn't know whether the series would ever come back after first season, or while second and third season canon unfurled before our eyes, or while we reacted in white heat in the aftermath of the final episodes.

Remember that we are all more interesting, more experienced, more insightful now than we were then, and then ask... "What if?"
  • What if Lacroix had never come back after Nick staked him?
  • What if the Constantine family had interfered in Janette's business?
  • What if Natalie had lost her memory (instead of Nick)?
  • What if Schanke or Tracy (or one of the Captains) had discovered Nick's secret and had taken it badly?
  • What if Emily had recovered her memories?
  • What if Alexandra had returned for another try at Nick?
  • What if Serena had achieved a cure (with or without a child)?
  • What if surviving the fever had fundamentally changed something about vampirism?
  • What happened to Nick's nephew Andre? Or Rebecca, or Lisa Cooper, or all our favorite guest stars?
  • What if another copy of the Abbarratt had surfaced?
  • What if Divia had converted more than just her father?
  • What if Nick had decided that it was time to move on from Toronto by himself, and actually did it?
I could continue, but I'm late leaving for work. ;-) Comments on Dreamwidth: comment count unavailable